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10 Steps for Fighting Inertia in the Financial Process

If you have an opportunity to improve financial processes with new software, yet find it daunting to build the necessary internal awareness and identify the right solution for your ERP environment, you aren't alone. The effort involved to find and implement software...

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Top 10 ERP Thought Leaders Rated and Reviewed

Let's be honest: With all the time you spend working in your company's ERP, you probably feel like quite the expert. And we don't disagree! Spend that much time with a program and you're bound to grow your expertise whether you planned to or not. You might even be...

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Year-End Doesn’t Have to Feel Like THE END

Did you know? Eighty-seven percent of surveyed finance professionals reported working overtime during the financial close process. Nearly a third need at least seven days to complete a month-end close. A third. And that’s just month-end. You probably did know that—or...

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Hubble How-To: P&L Reporting Made Easy

Profits and losses (P&L) are two of your most telling KPIs and a central component of your broader business strategy. Tracking P&L carefully is essential for making informed decisions while fortifying your competitive position and engineering growth. The only...

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Oracle Discoverer: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Looking back on the previous century, it can be argued that no other decade can hold a candle to the 80’s. Familiar favorites – like Super Mario Brothers, mix tapes, Cyndi Lauper, Billie Jean, perms – were all the buzz during this time and have become staples of...

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What is Financial Performance Management (FPM)?

Financial Reporting, Analytics, and Planning for High Performance Organizations The role of the CFO is changing from traditional strict financial responsibilities to a strategic business advisor. Board members and CEOs are relying more heavily on CFOs to provide...

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