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Insightsoftware is building an arsenal of reporting tools to best fit anyone customer we have. Allow us to match you up with the best possible solution for you and your organization. Each solution is specifically designed to each and every customer.

  • Save time – 50 to 300 hours per year
  • Get live, accurate data when you need it
  • Full drill-down capabilities
  • In Excel or application based
  • Customer Satisfaction is through the roof

Each solution is specifically designed to each and every customer.

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Speed up reporting processes with real-time ERP integration and automation that let you drill down from summary to transaction to pinpoint and resolve issues immediately.

  • Leverage prebuilt templates or custom layouts
  • Reduce IT involvement and improve data integrity
  • Instantly refresh data and automate recurring processes
  • Answer one-off questions quickly
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Visual Analytics

Create stunning visualizations based on ERP data that empower your organization with universally understandable information to better manage costs, save time, and make consistent decisions.

  • Simplify powerful dashboard creation
  • Find relevant data at a glance
  • Display financial and operational data in your branding
  • Collaborate with data even when offline
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Budgeting & Planning

Get the agility you need to react and adapt to changing market conditions with integrated budget and planning data straight from your ERP, creating a seamless collaboration and approval process.

  • Improve financial, revenue, and workforce planning processes
  • Compress cycle times with rolling forecasts
  • Simplify performance tracking
  • Easily model multiple scenarios
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