Interpret Financial and Operational Information for Your Non-ERP Users

Create high-impact visualizations that can be shared with and understood by anyone

Interpret Financial and Operational Information for Your Non-ERP Users

Create high-impact visualizations that can be shared with and understood by anyone

Are you communicating business information with other departments in the right way?

When you’re under pressure to provide accurate, up-to-date financial and operational information to other departments, you may not communicate information in a format others can readily understand. What you pull may not actually enable your cost center managers to break down and analyze departmental expenditure or guide account managers through their customer’s payment history, outstanding shipments, and recent support issues ahead of a critical review meeting.

Pushing out dull, multi-page PDF documents or monolithic spreadsheets to this audience doesn’t work. They don’t have time to wade through masses of data to pinpoint the numbers that matter or wait for IT to respond to ad-hoc information requests.
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60% of your information consumers are more comfortable with a dashboard application than with standard reports.

Senior Partners Wealth Management reduced dashboard creation time from one day to 30 minutes.

Australian Development Strategies was able to increase their client base by 400% using DecisionPoint to reduce report production.

Transform business information into beautiful visualizations anyone can understand

DecisionPoint lets you create and share stunning visualizations of your financial and operational data sourced from your ERP and other business systems. This makes it easy for everyone in your organization to explore business information in a way that’s universally understandable.

Access DecisionPoint from desktops or mobile devices across your organization for consistent decision making. Ensure decision-makers in other departments have clear, accurate, up-to-date information to help your organization manage costs, save time, and make better decisions.

Create stunning visuals to communicate across your company
Turn your data into beautiful custom applications that can be shared with anyone on a web browser or mobile device.
Let non-ERP users find the data they need at a glance
Provide people across your organization with information in a format they can readily use, understand, and act upon, without extra training, wading through multi-page reports, or help from IT.
Simplify dashboard app creation
Enable non-technical users to create and share apps with colleagues across your business without specialist skills or IT resources.
Enable remote users to access data offline
Provide executives, sales people, field engineers, and others with access to interactive information even when they are offline.
Display information with your branding
Apply your corporate brand to all your visualizations for a consistent professional look and feel, which helps drive higher levels of user adoption.

Matthew Stauffer
Business Intelligence Architect

My organization needed a business intelligence platform that could allow for quick drill-down of aggregated sales data through millions of records to help our category merchants see the underlying data that is driving sales performance. With DecisionPoint, they can do that research in seconds. To say the least, we have gained an average time savings of 1.5 hours per employee per day.”

Discover how you can create and share business information with non-ERP users