Simplify Budget Preparation from inside Excel

Spend less time preparing your budgets and more time tracking and analyzing performance

Simplify Budget Preparation from inside Excel

Spend less time preparing your budgets and more time tracking and analyzing performance

How do you know if your budgeting process is getting out of hand?

Do you have trouble preparing and compiling budgets across different business units? Without centrally defined methods and rules, budget planning can turn into a long, drawn-out process, and the distribution, tracking, and collecting of workbooks for budgeting can eat up valuable time. Budgeting can be a challenging process, fraught with issues including:

  • Decentralized user-entered data that slows the overall budget assembly
  • Re-keyed data that risks introducing errors
  • Lack of distribution and change tracking
  • Multiple budget versions that spiral out of control
  • Too many time-consuming, manual processes

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100% of surveyed education customers were able to automate at least 10 reports.

84% surveyed organizations saved 50 – 100 hours or more in one year.

74% surveyed organizations have been able to significantly streamline data extraction from their ERP and/or other relational databases.

Streamline and control your budgeting process

By leveraging the familiarity of the Excel spreadsheet, Budget Accelerator makes it easy to create a budget you’ll actually have time to stick to. Perform any budgeting function from inside Excel without the issues of a typical manual process. Take control of the budgeting process to develop timely, accurate, and consistent models.

Instantly improve the efficiency of your budget team, leaving them more time to track and analyze performance.

Manage your budgeting process inside Excel
Centrally define spread methods and budget rules and hold your budget structures, budget data, and budget model definitions.
Overcome budgeting nightmares
No need to prepare separate workbooks for different business units or waste time collecting, tracking, and distributing workbooks.
Perform any budgeting function in Excel
Execute any budgeting function and track changes and submissions to proactively adjust plans.
Track performance with reports and dashboards
Stay in Excel and enhance your budgeting process to easily track budgets against actuals through interactive reports and dashboards.
Control access and distribution
Assign individual role-based security and workbook tracking, and lock workbooks while still giving permission to budget functions.

Technical Requirements

PC Minimum Software Recommended
Windows 7 (32-bit) Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Excel 2007 (32-bit) Excel 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1  
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office  
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010  
Application Database: SQL Server 2008 SR2 SP2 or IBM iSeries V5R1 or Oracle version 10g SQL Server 2012

Gerard Hingst
Director of Finance
Town Sports International

Spreadsheet Server gives the ability to easily distribute reports out to the operating units, showing general ledger detail and consolidated reports vs. budget. This has freed up the accounting department’s time and has reduced the time it takes to close.”

See how to simplify your budget preparation from inside Excel