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Bridge the PeopleSoft Reporting Gap

If you dread financial and operational reporting, you’re not alone. Manually exporting data from your ERP into
Excel is inefficient and time-consuming, not to mention prone to errors. Chances are your ERP doesn’t talk to
your other databases, which makes it hard to coordinate reporting across multiple systems. So you’re
relegated to manually stitching data dumps together in Excel. This is time-consuming and frustrating, and
means critical reporting tasks are then fraught with issues such as:

  • Lengthy financial close processes
  • No single source of truth for reporting
  • Lack of data integrity
  • Time-consuming, manual data exports and manipulation
  • Long-winded processes to integrate ERP data with other data sources
  • Heavy reliance on IT to produce the results you need

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Add the power of customized reporting, planning, and analytics to PeopleSoft

Spreadsheet Server puts an end to tedious, error-prone, and manual reporting processes while still letting you work in the environment you’re most comfortable: Microsoft Excel. Connect to PeopleSoft with real-time data to ensure your entire organization has a clear and accurate view of exactly what is going on in finance and operations.

Eliminate IT dependency
Designed for everyday Excel users; you won’t need IT or super users to create or update reports.
Flexible formatting
Generate pre-formatted Excel reports automatically in Word, PDF or HTML format.
Answer all your questions
Full drill-down capability from summary to transaction inside Excel so you can identify and resolve issues.
Bring all your data into focus
Create custom queries from any relational database within Excel.
Access imperative data
Automated PeopleSoft reporting from within Excel lets you run reports faster and update to the latest results with the click of a button.
Eliminate cumbersome processes
Create reports faster and without the hassle of downloading, re-keying, or manual data manipulation.

Matt Greenberg
Director of Finance
Lydall, Inc.

Since the adoption of Spreadsheet Server, Lydall, Inc. has benefited from the removal of disparate static Excel sheets, improved data accuracy, gained faster access to live data to make strategic decisions, and empowered users to create their own reports with less dependence on IT.”

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