Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition

Unlock the Power of MRI Platform X

MRI Platform X has revolutionized the way real estate professionals experience property management software. The freedom and flexibility offered in Platform X makes it possible for MRI clients to utilize Spreadsheet Server to produce consistent, quality Excel-based reports based on data from MRI and other disparate sources.

Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition is specially designed to easily combine data and create comprehensive reports. Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition lets users work in an environment they’re already familiar with: Microsoft Excel. With just basic Excel knowledge, users can build comprehensive reports and dashboards using live data that refreshes at the click of a button, so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information. Report faster on all your data and expedite your process by hundreds of hours, all with Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition.

63% of surveyed MRI clients realized benefits from using Spreadsheet Server in just one week, and 88% saw benefits in under a month.

Three-quarters of surveyed MRI clients automated up to 25 reports.

An Excel reporting process you’ll actually like

Spreadsheet Server puts an end to tedious, error-prone, and manual reporting processes while still letting you work in the environment you’re most comfortable: Microsoft Excel. Connect to more than 130 ERPs and work with real-time data to ensure your entire organization has a clear and accurate view of exactly what is going on in finance and operations.

Need more detail? Drill down in any Spreadsheet Server report to see the data behind the numbers and get instant answers to critical business questions. Spreadsheet Server’s ERP smarts enable you to easily and instantly create any report you need, from financial statements—including balance sheets and profit & loss—to operational reports such as manufacturing cycle times and inventory turns.

Spreadsheet Server reports can also be scheduled to send company-wide or according to department via Distribution Manager. Change formulas to values, send as a PDF, or automatically apply filters upon sending to ensure recipients only see what they need to.

Connect to multiple data sources
Link disparate databases into a single report with no data-dumping necessary to create consolidations, reconciliations, KPIs, and dashboards.
Drill down in real-time
Easily find the numbers behind the results to validate balances and view journals, sub ledgers, and invoice images.
Easy report building
Building off basic Excel knowledge, users can make edits or create ad hoc reports at any time without needing IT.
Ad hoc variance analysis
Access to live data empowers users to pull new reports at any time and easily edit them to compare budget to actual.
Eliminate IT dependency
Designed for everyday Excel users; you won’t need IT or super users to create or update.
On-demand and scheduled report distribution
Schedule reports to deliver to individuals or groups in a variety of formats and send with a single click.

April Homerski
Accounting Manager
High Industries, Inc.

Spreadsheet Server has reduced hours of completely unproductive time. Additionally, I have been able to build quick and efficient ad hoc reporting, which is invaluable to our organization. I spend so much less time regurgitating information from our reporting system and use that time to make more educated decisions about our business.”

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