Solving Reporting, Visual Analytics, and Planning Challenges

We believe in live data, real-time reporting, and automation

Standard ERP reporting procedures include multiple data dumps and countless hours manually manipulating data in static Excel spreadsheets that can lead to data reconciliation errors and stale data that you can’t trust.

We believe there is a smarter way: We believe in the power of live data, ERP-centric real-time reporting, and automation all in one flexible, easy-to-use platform.

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Corporate Performance Management the Way You Want It

With reporting, visual analytics, and planning all in one easy-to-use platform, you can track business metrics and KPIs with web-based data visualizations or automated financial and operational reporting in Excel.

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Live Reporting & Analysis from Your ERP

Access and report on all of your ERP data—both GL and non-GL—any time, in any format you choose.

With reporting options that connect to more than 130 ERPs, you can automate your ERP reporting no matter what system you’re running. Easily build reports that present rich data exactly as you need to see it and be confident that the integration with your ERP means you’re always seeing the latest data.

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360° View for Your Business

Reporting touches all segments of your business. From sales, inventory, and fulfillment to probability and executive dashboards, we add visibility to the entire business cycle throughout your organization.

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