Prior to implementing Spreadsheet Server, PGW was required to manually import all data from multiple departments and various reports. The process of completing reports would take a minimum of two days and at least 24 hours to compile information for distribution. According to PGW, they were “spending too much time retrieving data and manually inputting information.” PGW wanted a more effective system that would speed up the reporting process and increase time for analytical work and daily tasks. Spreadsheet Server was the answer due to its compatibility with Oracle software and the ability to replace FSG reports.
  • One-day implementation and training for intuitive, user-friendly products
  • Reporting process transformed from manual, time-consuming report generation to automated reporting and distrubtion
  • Eliminated manual data retrieval and input
Spreadsheet Server converts Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for any ERP system. Users can leverage the strength of their spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to their information, along with powerful drilldown capability to the lowest level of detail. It allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of critical business data. Distribution Manager automates the distribution of reports from Microsoft® Excel. Spreadsheet Server allows PGW to drastically cut back on the time it takes to compile variance reports, cost savings, payroll, appliance, revenue, interest, taxes, etc. The implementation process even saved PGW time— one hour to set up and one 30 minute training session was all that was necessary to begin using this new system. Spreadsheet Server is also currently being used for PGW’s annual Moak report.
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Case Study Link: Philadelphia Gas Works Case Study