How Can Your Data Drive Decisions?

BlogJuly 27, 2017

In today’s business environment, data is king. Every critical function you undertake relies on data that is accurate and complete, because it is data integrity that allows you to make the most informed decision. The better the data, the better your decision can be.

Better Data = Better Decisions

Using a system such as Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX or 365 will empower you with the platform you need to access real-time data across multiple parts of your organization. Typically, you would have to log in to multiple applications to access this information, then manipulate and update it manually every time the numbers changed. Atlas makes it simpler and easier to get your data. The easier it is to get your data, the faster you can make informed decisions based on it.

Putting Power into Your Reporting Tools

Now that you are able to access real-time data, what will you do with it? With Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, you can design, build, and share reports directly in Excel. This one-stop shop for data saves valuable time and resources for your organization, ultimately driving more profitability to the bottom line and enhancing the Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 user experience.

Additional features of Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 include the ability to:

  • Seamlessly combine data to build any type of Microsoft Office document format. PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, and more! Atlas integrates directly with these programs to make it easier for you to manage your data.

  • Create templates and use them for later. No need to reinvent the wheel every time you need a document or report. Atlas stores the documents so you can access them later.

  • Use the plug and play capability to bring data together from different areas of Dynamics. All without having to log in and out of multiple applications.

Real-Time Data Right Now… in Excel

If you are looking to use real-time data to maximize workflows, increase efficiencies, and make more informed business decisions, then Atlas for Dynamics AX/365 is the reporting power platform you need.

Check out how Atlas for Dynamics AX/365 can build your reports in real time. Let us show you how!

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