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for JD Edwards

Faster budgets
by fixing the process.

If you’re like us, you believe the budget process is a complete mess. It takes too long, it’s completely inefficient, and by the time it’s done, it has little worth because you are halfway through the year. If your budgeting tool doesn’t fix the process problem, the chaos will continue.

Key features

a match made in JDE heaven

Built for JD Edwards

The only budgeting tool in the market purpose-built for JD Edwards.

We believe generic budgeting tools just aren’t enough. insightunlimited Budgeting is the only tool in the market purpose-built for JD Edwards. The result is a solution that naturally understands underlying JDE data and security from day one.

Budget in one smart view

Compare Actuals to Budget

Create custom ledgers to view JDE actuals alongside your budgets in real time.

We believe if it’s not live data, it’s a waste of time. Speed up the budget cycle by aggregating budget data instantly and comparing it to actuals to spot variances. Create custom ledgers that act and behave like JDE ledgers, leveraging JDE security, hierarchies, category codes, and subledgers with ease.

hyper fast budget planning

Data on Demand

Analyze, drill down, view variances, and add comments when needed.

We believe you are in charge. You should not have to fight the system in order to report, analyze and comment. Flexible access to your data as you need to see it means context and communication exists throughout the entire process.

budget forecasting and adaptive planning

Continuous Forecasting

Maintain accurate financial and project forecasts that easily roll forward.

We believe it’s inefficient to reconstruct a new forecast every month. With real-time updates in insightunlimited Budgeting, you can continually roll your financial and project forecasts forward. The outcome is a streamlined process.

driver-based excel integration and modeling

Complete Excel Integration

Leverage existing Excel models with a quick, one-time set up.

We believe Excel is the ultimate frenemy. It’s a friend to modeling, and an enemy to security and control. With a quick, one-time set up, insightunlimited Budgeting allows you to take the good and remove the bad by leveraging much of the spreadsheet work you've already invested in.

Everyone in Sync

Keep cycles and stakeholders in sync and accountable with a single view and simple workflow.

We believe when stakeholders are not in sync, the process breaks down. Hold employees accountable to complete and approve budgets. Define key stakeholders and forms and allow workflow to automatically send notification for review and approval. View status in a simple dashboard.

Driver-Based Modeling

Calculations, spreading, and allocations easily applied in real-time.

We believe a unique budget process does not have to be complex. Easily create sophisticated models based on various drivers like revenue, gross margin, number of units, and more. Spread results as you’d like; evenly over 12 months, quarters, or prior year.

Instant Upload to JDE

1-click uploads. Seriously. No link checking, validation errors or hassle.

We believe keeping budget data outside of JD Edwards deeply devalues your ERP. insightunlimited Budgeting users simply click one button to automatically upload budget information directly into JDE; the place it should be living.

Reduce your budgeting cycle by up to 70%.

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